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Running and running and running

Above- A view from the Overlook Trails system on my 20 mile run

On my first wellness blog I explained that I'm not really that excellent at social media, online communication, etc. Well, that seems quite obvious since I haven't created a new blog post since January. Oops. So what have we been doing at Yellowstone Farms? I've been of course making and shipping products, processing hemp, and doing all the work sort of things. I've also been running, and running, and running. I signed up for my first full marathon- which is this coming weekend. I'm pretty lucky to live in a place where I can literally run out my front door and see views like this! Enjoy the photos below and above! A special thanks goes out to the Beaverhead Trails Coalition for creating and maintaining trails around Dillon, MT. Their work in past several years has vastly improved our outdoor recreational activity!

With all this running, I've also been thinking about and working on formulating new products. Two that are in the works and you should keep your eye out for are honey and CBD energy gels made with local Beaverhead Honey and a topical roll on menthol based gel. Think Icy Hot or Biofreeze plus the lasting benefits of CBD. With that, I'll sign off and hopefully be better at writing an update sooner rather than later this time!

Below- Running views from around Dillon, MT. Sometimes I run up in the hills, and sometimes I run around farming fields... and yes, Ozzy runs with me a little bit. 3 miles is about as far as he wants to go and if it's above 50 degrees, then it's much too hot!

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