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New Year, no carbs- Ha! Sourdough.

So clearly I'm not embracing a New Years' resolution diet focused on no carbs, nope. Instead I'm having a wonderful time messing around with sourdough. Above is my latest loaf, which turned out pretty well! I've made bread for years, but haven't messed around with sourdough for quite a few years... the last time I went deep enough to grind wheat from the family farm, fermented a starter, baked a few loaves, etc. This time, I just used Wheat Montana flour and got a starter rolling in early December. It's a bit like having a low maintenance pet, and I've been having an overall great time. I'm finally taking the time to dig into Peter Reinheart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice. This year, I'm resolving to embrace being well, taking the time to enjoy all the good in life- family, friends, the amazing place I live. I'm also resolving to let go of things I cannot control, stress over Covid anyone? I hope you're all well. Let me know what you're doing to enhance your wellness journey this year, and my goodness- I hope it includes carbs and of course your daily dose of Yellowstone Farms CBD!

Dough portioned out for baguettes, an early loaf, and yes, of course I got the starter going on my mantle... warmest place in the house!

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