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Giant Sunflowers, Rainbow Carrots, and Roasting Tomatoes (and distilling mint essential oil)

I'm at very best a mediocre gardener, both of produce and flowers, but I love them all and take great joy from the small bounty I do succeed in producing. This year we had, for Montana, an unusually long fall. Most years we have a hard freeze by the first week of September, this year it held off until October, but then it snowed 8 inches! In any case, we spent the day before the storm bringing in the last of everything. I pulled down my mammoth sunflowers that I had been watching daily as the seeds filled out hoping that I might actually have something to roast, emptied the greenhouse of the last of the tomatoes and dug the carrots. Wellness this week for me is considering and having gratitude for the ability to provide for myself and family in whatever way I can. Some days this is roasting homegrown sunflowers and tomatoes, some days it's creating a new soothing CBD lotion.

Oh yeah- and I cut all the wild mint I could find in my yard and distilled my first batch of essential oil and hydrosol! Wild mint doesn't contain as much or as potent of an oil as peppermint, I'll likely just use it for my DIY cleaning products, etc.

#fallharvest #rainbow #gardening

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