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First Snow! Snow = Wellness.

Whooopeee!!!!!! We finally got our first measurable snow today! When I was a freshman in college my roommates and I started a tradition of celebration hot chocolate with the first snow. I still do this, but I've upped my game a little bit to a peppermint mocha... and this year I just went ahead and added some CBD to it, why not!?

So what's the big deal with snow... Well, for my selfish, recreation loving self- SKIING! My mom loved skiing so much, that she hauled four kids, by herself, 3 hours each way to ski every weekend. Love of the sport endures, I was on my skis 10 days after I had my first child, and yep, she was "on skis" by 6 weeks old.

For my environmental science, ranch girl self- I love snow because snowpack means moisture, and in the high altitude desert (seriously desert, around 11" precip annually, 6" annually the last two years) moisture means life. We need snowpack to charge our soils with moisture, to slowly melt out all spring and summer to feed the streams and reservoirs that feed our cattle, water our crops, and sustain our world famous blue ribbon trout streams. So yep, I celebrate the first snow heartily each and every year!

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