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Christmas Puppies & Old Dogs

If you've been watching my social media posting or read this blog, you likely know that I have a Newfoundland. If not, please let me introduce Ozzy, my current Newfie who just turned 3 and that I received for Christmas in 2018. Every year about this time, I get a bit nostalgic about my big furry puppy- and for those of you with dogs of your own, you know all about the love, happiness, frustration, and heartaches that is dogs. If you have time, indulge me with my short story of loving and owning Newfoundland dogs.

It all began when I was a senior in college... on my walk to campus every morning I had to step over Baxter, a large black and white Newf who lived on my route to school. This was my first encounter with this breed of dog and I instantly knew I had to have one... Fast forward a year or so, I'm out of college and sure I need a puppy of my own. I somehow convinced my husband that we indeed did NEED a 130 lb, hairy dog in our life. Enter Winston, who I got for Christmas in 2008, he was six weeks old and under 10 lbs. If you can find me a cuter puppy- I'll send you a free bottle of CBD tincture! He lived to almost 10 and was amazing, check out those old man eyebrows.

Winston passed away at the end of the summer of 2018, just before Christmas the opportunity arose to get a new Newf puppy that was from the same bloodline. Word of advice- DO NOT GET A PUPPY if you have two small children... Anyways, enter Ozzy- who as you can see arrived as a larger puppy. He also has an incredible amount of slobber, but is the most loving friend I or my kids could ever ask for. Bottom line, if you're getting a Christmas puppy this year- hooray! And- a small plug for product- whether you have an old, sore dog or a young, hyper dog our Cannazanol may be just what you're looking for! It also does wonders for their coat!

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