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A moment for gratitude

It's Thanksgiving week, so of course we're all rushing, rushing, rushing; but hopefully we're all taking a few moments to reflect on all the good as well. Oftentimes it seems that life just runs by and we just survive. Today, I'm stopping, looking around, and saying I'm grateful for ______. Hope you're all taking a moment this week to do the same-

So today I'm grateful for

  1. The overall good health of my family

  2. The beautiful place I live and work every day.... seriously southwest Montana, wide open skies, mountain, rivers, lakes, plains, wildlife

  3. My goofy, slobbery, giant dog that makes me smile every day

  4. The fact that I get to make premium products that help people as a job. Wow!

  5. Good food and coffee- just thinking about all the bounty to come for the remainder of the week has me smiling and my mouth watering

  6. And more, and more, and more

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