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At Yellowstone Farms, we believe in wellness.  With us, wellness very literally means from the ground up.  We are farmers growing and processing hemp in the upper headwaters of the Missouri River.  As part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, this is a place where nature is still very much intact.  Farmers use responsible practices because they have a deep understanding that taking care of their land means producing the best agricultural products from hemp to cattle while sustaining the landscape for future generations.  Because we control our product from seed source all the way to the tincture bottle you can be assured you're getting the best hand crafted hemp extracts.

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Schuett Farms was established in the 1980’s and is a sustainable farm and ranch family operation located in Dillon, MT. Dillon is in Beaverhead County and sits about 5000 feet in elevation. It is considered a high mountain, desert valley area. Our crop production depends on irrigation that comes from rivers and streams. We farm and hay about 20,000 irrigated acres in Beaverhead Co. Our crops consist of orchard grass and alfalfa grass hay combinations, malt barley, spring wheat, and Hemp. Because of our cool summer nights and warm days with low precipitation, we can produce beautiful orchard grass hay that we send to customers in Kentucky and the Middle East. We feel these ideal growing conditions help to make our crops high quality, including the Hemp. Our operation also has 1,500 mother cows that pasture on high country mountain summer grass and feed on the crop aftermath during the winter. Our cattle operation is all natural and GAP approved.

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Hemp to CBD- the Journey

How does that big green plant turn into oil? In the spring, we plant seeds at our farm high in the Rocky Mountains.  The seeds grow and eventually we have a mature plant that we harvest by hand at the end of the summer. 

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